Dues and Updates

Dues and Updates

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** [ NOTE: Full Members who have reached their 80th birthday are granted a Life Membership ] [ If a Full Member nearing their 80th birthday elects to upgrade to a Life Membership, and the total annual fees that would be paid by the 80th birthday are less than the $300 Life Membership fee, the member may elect to pay the lower amount, to be granted Life Membership] [-Members not in good standing, will bring their membership current and pay the incremental Life Member fee ]
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Serving Members
IS Job Number 1

Your membership fees and dues provide support for activities, sponsored events, reunions, rodeos and administrative costs.

Committed to the Association

Your membership voice and participation guides and directs the PJ Association Officers and Board of Directors to implement projects you want to see supported now, and in the future.

By being a member, and supporter of the PJ Association, you are continuing a commitment of excellence committed to strengthening the brotherhood service to our nation.

The Active Duty Component

We support critical events to support our active duty Pararescuemen such as, PJ Graduations and recognition for PJ’s and Instructors for their outstanding contributions.

PJA Members
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Your Membership Voice...

You spoke, and we listened to what you said....

Here are just some of the recent events and causes the Pararescue Association has supported for all Association Members...

  • PJ/CCT Gold Star Families Flag Ceremony – AF Memorial
  • PJ Rodeo and Reunion Bi-Annual Celebrations
  • SRA Jason Plite Memorial Celebration
  • TSgt Tim Ryan Interment Gathering
  • K.O. Kelly Funeral Gathering
  • Air University – CMSgt Wayne Fisk Exhibit Dedication
  • Greg Lepley Interment
  • Miami Memorial Park Restoration – Pitsenberger Burial Ground
  • TSgt Sean Barton Interment Gathering
  • PJ Foundation Support and PJA Family Services Support
  • Pararescue School Graduations - Instructors Award
  • CMSgt Bob Wheeler Interment Gathering
  • Special Tactics Memorial Dedication and PJ Statue (Hurlburt Air Park)
  • Special Operations Warrior Foundation