300 of Sparta Endurance Race

PJA Family Services Fundraiser and
The 300 of Sparta Endurance Race

There has never a better feeling than helping and contributing to someone's success especially when the situation has been a difficult for them. Let me introduce you to Robert Owens, a former Pararescuemen, (PJ Class 76-02 in 1975).

Robert as with many of our Brothers, says 'being a PJ changed my life'. As he says, 'I grew up, accepted responsibility and matured. And I have tried to live the Motto "That Others May Live" for 40 years'.

The 300 of Sparta Endurance Race is a 7 day 210 mile hike across Greece. Robert Owens, a former Pararescueman (Class 76-02/1975) is the only PJ competing in the 300 of Sparta Warrior March.  For the Pararescue Association Family Services fund, we joined him in this adventure, and on his quest.

After the Air Force, Robert often worked on nonprofit projects raising funds primarily for kids. He's one of the Original Ironman Triathlon Finishers from Year 3 in Honolulu and a Motivational Speaker and Executive Coach. The Navy always gloated that they were in the beginning of all this Ironman culture. He reminds them that he was a Pararescuemen, and there from the beginning, and proud to have been.  Somehow he finished 11 Ironman Triathlons and 10 after turning 50.  He made an Ironman comeback after turning 50 and was reminded by his oldest boy, that dad, you are really old.  It is thought of in the Ironman World that there are only 2 left competing today that have finished both Honolulu and Kona. Robert hopes to be the last man standing.

Robert became a Leadership-Management Trainer for Businesses and Corporate Groups. Committed to a Crises Coaching Business helping people through crises in their lives, as well as a Motivational Speaker that took up the next twenty years. Robert began using Ironman competitions to open doors, to speak to Businesses and Corporate Groups, Pro and University Athletes and kids, through out more than 30 nations.

He now spends a lot of time in Coronado and Encinitas California working out with retired Navy SEALS and endurance athletes.  Being constantly amazed how many of the sister services to include the SEALS, Rangers and others take care of their own. It is humbling for me to hear their stories and learn of their projects to take care of those who are no longer serving.  It’s now time to help support the Pararescue Association and its commitment to taking care of its own. So in May, Robert will be traveling to Sparta Greece with Retired Navy SEALS to do "The 300 of Sparta Warrior March" (You can go this Web Site for more information).  It is a recreation of the movie "300" where the legendary Greek warrior Leonidas marched his 300 troops to face the Persians.

Robert is the only PJ competing in this, "The 300 of Sparta Warrior March", for the Pararescue Association Family Services fund.  This 7 day, 210 mile hike across Greece. Will you join him and the PJA in this adventure and support the call?

We set our goal to raise $10,000 by the last day of the Warrior March on May 14th, 2017, for the PJ Association Family Services Fund.  Join Robert and the PJA in this adventure; donate to support this worthy fundraising event for the PJA.  These are the things we do every day.  Please contribute, to support the PJA Family Services fund.

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