Member Portal

The Membership Database

The Membership database has been launched.  It will continue to mature as new features, functions and documents are included.

The member list reorganization and the database development project with its record keeping features, PayPal transaction tracking and reporting features, has been a larger, more complex project than anticipated.  There are a-lot of moving parts, that required disassembly from existing record keeping systems, analysis, validation, reassembly into a new system and re-validation.

New and current PJ Association members have been updating their member profiles to assist the association in this endeavor to provide better communications to all members.

We sincerely thank all new and current association members, and a special thanks for those who have helped us reorganize the membership records.  We respectfully acknowledge your patience while we have been wrapping up this challenging project.

The New Members Portal

From the new members portal, members are now able to see the PJ Association Member List, and other documents restricted to members only.  PJA Members and PJA Associates are also able to update their own profile, and upgrade to Life Member status, or Pay Dues for annually renewing memberships.

Our goal is to create a better resource to forge a stronger alliance between members and the association, by encouraging stronger association engagement and member participation.

Your continued comments and observations are important.  Contact us with constructive comments and recommendations to help us improve this membership tool.

Now, we ask you to log-in, and review your member profile for any new updates.

Bill Watson, President
The PJ Association

Pararescue Association