PJA Guide

The PJA Guide

Introducing the Basics...

The PJA Guide... 

Is a tool to help you navigate the member portal.  It is a work in progress, evolving as new the PJ Association adds content and features to the portal.

Logged in members are automatically linked to the PJA Guide.  We recommend that you take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with it.

The 'Members' menu (Main Menu) is the primary resource for logged in members.  Hover over the menu to see additional links.

The Members Profile

The Profile, is the member's record.  It can be modified by a logged-in member.

Logged in members will see links on the Profile page, with links to Memberships (Subscriptions), Payments and Logout menu links.  These links can also be found under the 'Members' menu, with additional links to other features.

Pararescue Association

Logging In to the PJA Portal

Members login to the portal with a User Name.  The Member User Name, is an email address.  Access to the portal is restricted to logged-in members only.

The Member User Name...

  • Cannot be changed (except during a Life Upgrade - contact us)
  • Can be retrieved only by request to the PJA

The Member Password...

  • Is defined by the member
  • Can be reset by the member during login

The Member EMail Address...

  • May be different than the username
  • Can be changed by the member in the profile

Logging Out of the PJA Portal...

Members must LOG-OUT  close their session.
Closing the browser window... WILL NOT log you out of the member portal.

>  Members... Click Here to Login to PJA Portal