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Heritage Memberships
The PJA Association

Membership Eligibility

Applicants who do not otherwise qualify as Life, PJA Members, or PJA Associates, and who meet the requirements for a Legacy, Honorary, or Gold Star membership, are eligible to select the Heritage Membership option.  There are no membership fees, or recurring annual dues.  Legacy, Honorary, and Gold Star Members are not presented petitions or ballots for voting.

  • Legacy  - granted to immediate family members (as identified by DoD), of a Pararescuemen or CRO who has died in the Line of Duty.  Legacy Membership applications are reviewed, and approved by the PJ Association Board of Directors.
  • Honorary - granted to applicants who have completed the nomination process, or have been recommended by an operational active duty unit, or by the PJ Association Board of Directors for their outstanding contributions to the Pararescue mission, and its personnel.
  • Gold Star  - Gold Star Membership is granted to an immediate family member (as identified by DoD) of a Pararescueman, or CRO who died during  in combat operations.

Membership Fees

  • Qualifying applicants are not required to pay joining, or recurring member fees
  • Qualifying Legacy Associate Members, are Lifetime Members.

Legacy, Honorary and Gold Star Member Privileges...

  • No joining membership fee

  • No recurring annual dues

  • Participation in Association events

  • Access to the members only portal, to the PJ Association Member list, and to other information restricted to members

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Heritage Members,
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