Life Member

Life Member
The PJ Association

Membership Eligibility

Full and Associate Members in good standing, and active duty, retired and former Pararescuemen, and CRO applicants who are or were assigned to an Active Duty, Air Guard or USAF Reserve Unit are eligible to elect this option...

Membership Fees

  • Life Member - $300.00, 1 - time fee
  • Life Associate - $300.00, 1 - time fee
  • 80th Birthday Option, - fee varies
    • PJA Members who apply, and whose dues are in good standing, are granted a Life Membership, on their 80th birthday.
    • A PJA Member in good standing, nearing their 80th birthday can elect to join as a Life Member.  If the total annual fees that would be paid by the 80th birthday are less than the Life Membership fee of $300, the lower amount may be paid.
    • To elect the 80th Birthday option, make sure your dues are current, and then send us a request here... we will assist you in applying.

Life Membership Privileges

  • Low one-time membership fee

  • No annual membership dues

  • Participation in Association events

  • Voting privileges for Life Members

  • Life Associate Members cannot vote on ballots or during elections

  • Auto-enrollment in the members database.

  • Auto enrollment in the AIG - PJ Association Newsletter

  • Access to the members only portal, to the PJ Association Member list, and to other information restricted to members

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New Life Members and Life Associates

Life Member, or Life Associates,
$300 to join, no recurring dues payments...

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