The PJ Association

The Distinctive Relationship Among Men from the Pararescue Career Field

Pararescuemen have honored our country in conflict and in humanitarian aid actions around the globe. It is to this brotherhood of USAF Pararescuemen that we organized the Pararescue Association.

The fraternity created by duty, commitment to mission and to the brotherhood is shared by all Pararescue Association Members.  It is the fabric that joins our Association members to a sense of purpose and mission as we collectively serve the Pararescue Community.

Objectives of the Pararescue Association

1.  Preserve the heritage, history and legacy and of the United States Air Force Pararescue Career by strengthening the relationship among all Pararescuemen, past, present, and for those now at the tip of the spear.

2.  Foster camaraderie among those who have earned the title, USAF Pararescueman

3.  Provide an extended community for all Pararescuemen and their families.

4.  Commemorate fittingly, the memory of all Pararescuemen who have given and who risk their lives in the defense of freedom.

5. Encourage and assist in the collection, preservation and protection of historical documents, artifacts, memorabilia, personal accounts and recollections, characterizations of PJ's, research, incidents, and origins of the USAF Pararescueman.

6. Encourage the continuance of high standards of excellence in leadership training, overall esprit de' corps, professional competence and equipment for USAF Pararescue Operators.

7.  Engage in any lawful business or activities related thereto, and to engage in any lawful act or activity for which corporations may be organized under the New Mexico Non-Profit Code.

Since the beginning, the Officers and Members of the Pararescue Association

have been committed to establishing and meeting lofty goals. It is our membership that ensures continued support for these goals. Together, at any given time, the Association is capable of meeting the needs of our community.

Pararescue Association Goals are to:

  • Improve PJ Association visibility with a state of the art website
  • Improve social media activity and Association communications to members and supporters
  • Ensure Association financial stability through improved fund raising to meet the needs of the Association to support the membership and the causes that contribute to membership camaraderie, and Association improvements
  • Support the PJ Association and the Pararescue Brotherhood
  • Improve responsiveness to the needs of our Pararescuemen and their families
  • Enhance camaraderie between members
  • Document and preserve USAF Pararescue history and heritage

To achieve these lofty goals, it is essential for all Pararescuemen to join the Association, and to encourage family and friends to join to support the goals and objectives established by the membership of the PJ Association.

Association Officers and Board of Directors

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