Sometimes, we just need someone to talk to 'who has been there'... to get past the front lines of stress.

Reach out to a fellow PJ or CRO responder. We are ready to listen to you.

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The https://www.veteranscrisisline.netVeterans CrisisLine is a 24/7  service for Active Duty Military, Guard, Reserve, Veterans, Families and Friends that need Confidential Support.

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The Pararescue Association

As a New Mexico Corporation, The Pararescue Association is a Tax Exempt Organization pursuant to the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code Section 501c19.

The Pararescue (PJ)Association is guided by camaraderie, brotherhood, mission and purpose.

Our members share a personal sense of responsibility to honor and respect the commitment and sacrifices made by all Pararescuemen.

The Pararescue Association
PO Box 1746
Woodbridge, VA  22195

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    Bill Watson, President of the Pararescue Association. As an…

  • John Pighini

    John Pighini, Vice President of the Pararescue Association. John…

  • Scott Gearen

    Scott Gearen, Recorder for the Pararescue Association Scott's personal profile is…

  • Ryan Beckmann

    Ryan Beckmann, Treasurer Ryan entered the Air Force in…

  • L. D. Jeffries

    Lochland 'L.D.' Jeffries, is currently serving the PJ Association…

  • Joe Topel

    Joe entered the U.S. Air Force in 1982 and…

  • Steve West

    Steve West, is currently serving the PJ Association as…

  • Rod Alne

    Rod Alne, is currently serving the PJ Association as a Member…

  • Randy Galloway

    Randy Galloway, is a past PJ Association President and…

  • Roy Taylor

    Roy Taylor Roy is a past PJ Association President,…