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As a New Mexico Corporation, The Pararescue Association is a Tax Exempt Organization pursuant to the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code Section 501c19.

The Pararescue (PJ)Association is guided by camaraderie, brotherhood, mission and purpose.


Crisis Line

The Veterans CrisisLine is a 24/7  service for Active Duty Military, Guard, Reserve, Veterans, Families and Friends that need confidential support.

Connect with a responder:

Call Us:  1-800-273-8255

Text Us @:  838255

Click to Chat With Us:

Hearing Impaired:


This form is not intended for General Inquiries.  Please use the PJA Contact form on this page for General Inquiries.

The PJA Buddy Line is for urgent communications, for PJ's or family members that need outreach to cope with stress related situations, where talking to another PJ or CRO might prevent a crisis.  If this is an emergency, dial 911, or contact the Veterans CrisisLine.

Association Officers and Board of Directors

  • Bill Watson

    Bill Watson, President of the Pararescue Association. As an…

  • John Pighini

    John Pighini, Vice President of the Pararescue Association. John…

  • Scott Gearen

    Scott Gearen, Recorder for the Pararescue Association Scott's personal profile is…

  • Ryan Beckmann

    Ryan Beckmann, Treasurer Ryan entered the Air Force in…

  • L. D. Jeffries

    Lochland 'L.D.' Jeffries, is currently serving the PJ Association…

  • Joe Topel

    Joe entered the U.S. Air Force in 1982 and…

  • Steve West

    Steve West, is currently serving the PJ Association as…

  • Rod Alne

    Rod Alne, is currently serving the PJ Association as a Member…

  • Randy Galloway

    Randy Galloway, is a past PJ Association President and…

  • Roy Taylor

    Roy Taylor Roy is a past PJ Association President,…