Chief’s Gun Program

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The Chief’s Gift Program

The program will be managed by the PJ Association on behalf of, and in concert with the PJ CFM.

They will track the buy-ins, collect the funds, arrange procurement, coordinate with the CFM for presentation, and ensure legal transfer

1    Any PJ Chief is eligible for the program regardless of service commitment dates.

2    One Time buy-in of $500 Preferably out of the first E9 Paycheck wit the rate reevaluated annually in Oct/Nov to ensure it continues to cover cost of gifts.

3    The standard gift is an engraved Glock-19 Gen5 pistol (same model as currently carried by PJs abet a newer generation. If a retiree prefers a weapon other than the standard gift, up to $500 can be applied towards a weapon of their choice.

4    Overseas retirees or retirees living in firearm-restricted area that will not take possession of a desired weapon must appoint an alternate recipient to collect the gift on their behalf.

5 If gift is to be presented at specific time/event (e.g. Retirement ceremony or Social), a 60-day minimum notification is required and must include the desired date, time, location.

Konrad Schwinn, CMSgt. USAF
PJ Chief-at-Large
AF/A3S, Air Force Special Warfare