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The Pararescue Association

An IRS Designated 501c-19 organization, the PJ Association respects the Pararescue Creed ‘That Others May Live’. We are mission central for Pararescuemen, Members, and PJA Sponsored Events such as the Bi-Annual Reunions and Rodeos. We fund events, memorials and respect the valorous, humanitarian and combat actions of Pararescuemen around the globe.
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About the PJA

The PJ Association is founded on the distinctive relationship among men in the Pararescue career. Our members share the bond and spirit of the Pararescue brotherhood to honor the history, heritage and legacy of USAF Pararescuemen.

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Membership in the PJ Association is open to active, retired and former Pararescuemen, to friends, family and individuals who support, or have supported USAF Pararescue. Join the PJA, get active, stay informed and participate



With active engagement and participation from members, we remember those who came before us, and we respect those at the tip of the spear in global missions of humanitarian aid and defending our homeland in the war against terror.

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The Association provides the initiative and resources to promote special events and activity, and to document the history, heritage and legacy of USAF Pararescuemen. Through member engagement, we shape the future PJA.

Announcing the
2023 PJA Reunion
and PJA Reunion

The 2023 PJA Reunion is being held in Louisville, Kentucky at the Historic Galt Hotel, and ithe PJ Rodeo Competition is being hosted by the 123rd RQS at the Air Guard Base…. .   

The PJA ReUnion and PJ Rodeo is a PJ Association bi-annual sponsored event and is shaping-up to be the place you want to be in September 2023.  Don’t wait… get the room you want at the Galt Hotel, the event hotel located in the downtown business district of Louisville, KY.

At this gathering of  eagles, PJ’s, CRO’s, PJ Competitor Teams, Honored Guests, Family and Friends of the PJA will converge to honor and celebrate the history and heritage of Pararescue.

Reserve your room, register for events, attend, participate and don’t miss the play date!

The 2023 PJA Reunion
September 6th – 9th, 2023

The 2023 PJA Reunion will be held at the historic Galt House in the downtown business district of Louisville, Kentucky,  September 6th – 9th, with hotel check out on Sunday the 10th. 

This bi-annual PJA sponsored event is the place to be in September 2023… Start your Engines

The 2023 PJ Rodeo
September 3rd – 9th, 2023

The 2023 PJ Rodeo and STAR Trade-Show is held September 3rd – 9th, with hotel check-out on Sunday the 10th, ending another spectacular PJA Reunion and PJ Rodeo.

These events are sponsored by the PJ Association and hosted by the 123rd STS in Louisville, Kentucky. 

The Sponsors
Recognition Corner

Our PJ Rodeo Sponsors generously support this friendly but fierce Gathering of Eagles and the competitive events simulating the skills and physical demands experienced in real world environments by our PJ’s, CRO’s, USAF and Special Warfare airmen around the globe.

The Competitors
Team Corner

With the 2023 PJ Rodeo and PJA Reunion, we honor past and future  generations of Pararescuemen, USAF Special Warfare Airmen and Special Tactics Operators in competitive events representing the skills and physical demands of real world actions in hostile and austere environments.

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