The 2021 PJ Reunion and Rodeo

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic impact on travel, Reunion Socials, and Rodeo Competition events, the PJ Association has announced, the 2020 PJ Reunion and Rodeo has been rescheduled.

Site selection for the 2021 PJ Reunion and Rodeo is being researched now.  Sponsors scheduled for the 2020 PJ Rodeo have extended their agreements to sponsor, and you can expect a phenomenal 2021 PJ Reunion and Rodeo.

The Bi-annual PJ Rodeo and Reunion is a Pararescue Association sponsored event, bringing together PJ’s and others from the USAF and Canadian Special Tactics community to compete in a friendly, but tough competition to honor past and future generations of Pararescuemen.  

2021 PJ Reunion and Rodeo

The PJ Reunion and Rodeo, is a Pararescue Association sanctioned event.  As an IRS Designated 501c-19 organization, the PJ Association recognizes and promotes the values established in the Pararescue Creed ‘That Others May Live’.

The PJ Association has announced, the 2020 PJ Reunion and Rodeo is rescheduled for September 2021:
The PJ Rodeo >  September 13th - 17th    -|-   The PJ Reunion >  September 15th - 19th

Location selection will be announced as soon as agreements can be coordinated and confirmed.

As a private non-profit organization, your association needs your continued support, to fund this world-class event!  

Introducing our Generous 2021 PJ Rodeo Sponsors...

PJ Reunions and Rodeos are PJ Association Sanctioned Events.  The PJ Association is heavily dependent on Rodeo Sponsors, PJ Association Members, and friends of the PJ Association to host these bi-annual events. 

We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of our Sponsors and Contributors.  This Gathering of Eagles, brings together PJ's, and USAF and Canadian Special Tactics airmen, in a friendly, but tough competition.  As we gather for the bi-annually held PJ Rodeo and Reunion, we honor past and future generations of Pararescuemen and all Special Warfare Airmen.

Interested Sponsors can review the options, and register at the PJ Rodeo website.... Interested PJ 2021 Rodeo Sponsors, register here, now...

PJ Rodeo Competitors... sign-up and create your team identity now, to enter the 2021 PJ Rodeo competition events.  Interested competitors, register here, now...

The 2021 PJ Rodeo
Premier Heritage Banquet Sponsor

SunWest Mortgage Company, is the 2020 PJ Rodeo premier Heritage Banquet Sponsor, and a repeat PJ Rodeo Banquet sponsor.

A premier mortgage services company serving customers in the United States, Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. provides mortgage finance services, and offers purchase, refinance, reverse mortgage, and multi-family and wholesale lending products.

The PJ Heritage Banquet is the premier event, concluding the entire week of competition, camaraderie, social events and the sponsor trade show. The Heritage Banquet event recognizes generations of active duty, retired, and former rescue and special operators, from Vietnam to those serving in the fight against terror, and serving in humanitarian campaigns around the globe... 'This We Do... That Others May Live'.

The 2021 PJ Rodeo
Premier PJ Warrior Events Sponsor

goTenna, is the 2020 PJ Rodeo PJ Warrior Events Premier Sponsor, a newly introduced 2020 PJ Rodeo event.

As the world’s world’s leading mobile mesh networking company, goTenna is the premier provider of off-grid connectivity solutions for smartphones and other devices. goTenna’s mesh technology enables decentralized, programmable mobile infrastructure on a global scale in markets ranging from public sector to enterprise and IoT.

The PJ Warrior Events sponsorship recognizes and honors rescue and special operations competitor teams from rescue and training squadrons, and special tactics units around the globe.  This morale and Espirit de Corps event provides these fierce competitors with a break, from the action at an event to remember!


Reserved for the Next 2020_PJ_Rodeo_Sponsor
Reserved for the Next 2020_PJ_Rodeo_Sponsor
Reserved for the Next 2020_PJ_Rodeo_Sponsor
Reserved for the Next 2020_PJ_Rodeo_Sponsor
Reserved for the Next 2020_PJ_Rodeo_Sponsor
Reserved for the Next 2020_PJ_Rodeo_Sponsor
SunWest Mortgage Company Heritage_Banquet_Sponsor
goTenna PJ_Warrior_Events_Sponsor
Team Wendy Platinum_Medallion_Sponsor
Chinook Medical Gear, Inc. Platinum_Medallion_Sponsor
Zodiac MilPro Platinum_Medallion_Sponsor
Pararescue (PJ) Foundation Platinum_Medallion_Sponsor
ROCO Rescue – Rescue Talk Platinum_Medallion_Sponsor
S.W.O.R.D. International Platinum_Medallion_Sponsor
Quantico Tactical Platinum_Medallion_Sponsor
Drip Drop ORS Platinum_Medallion_Sponsor
TribalCo Platinum_Medallion_Sponsor
Trijicon, Inc. Gold_Medallion_Sponsor
S.E.I. Only the Valiant Dare Gold_Medallion_Sponsor
The Peak, Inc. Silver_Medallion_Sponsor
VFW Post 5350 Silver_Medallion_Sponsor
Gentex Corporation Bronze_Medallion_Sponsor
TBR Consulting Bronze_Medallion_Sponsor


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Mission and Membership

The PJ Association is a New Mexico Tax Exempt Corporation organized pursuant to the provisions of IRS Code Section 501c-19.

We are mission central for Pararescuemen, Association members and PJA sponsored events such as biannual Reunions and Rodeos.  We fund events and memorials commemorating the valorous, humanitarian and combat actions of Pararescuemen serving the globe.

We honor the past, respect and recognize the present, and prepare for the future with the contributions and support of our association membership, from our active duty, retired and former Pararescuemen, and from the families and friends of Pararescuemen.

About the PJA

The PJ Association is founded on the distinctive relationship among men in the Pararescue career.

Our members share the bond and spirit of the Pararescue brotherhood.

The Association provides the initiative and resources to promote special events and activity, and to document the history, heritage and legacy of USAF Pararescuemen.

About the Association...

Join the PJA

Membership in the PJ Association is open to active, retired and former Pararescuemen, to friends, family and individuals who support, or have supported USAF Pararescue.

Join the PJ Association, get active, sign up for the newsletter, stay informed and participate.  Memberships include Life, PJA Member, Associate, Honorary, Legacy, Gold, Star and Widows of PJ's lost in action or training.

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With active engagement and participation from members, we remember those who came before us.  We demonstrate respect and recognition for those at the tip of the spear in global missions of humanitarian aid and the war against terror, as we help to shape the future of Pararescue with our collective and experienced vision.

It is to this mission and fraternity that we have organized the PJ Association.

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