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Help us provide support for Reunions, recognition for Honorary PJ’s, Gold Star Families, for last drink social events, documentation of the historical record, Legacy Memorials for Pararescuemen, and for resource development like this website for all PJA Members.

Documenting Tomorrow’s
Headlines… Today

Accruing dues, membership fees and donations serve to fund low administrative costs and associated events, activities and the always well-attended PJA Reunion & PJ Rodeo. We recognize that today’s headline is tomorrow’s legacy.

All Officers, Members of the Board of Directors and participating members volunteer their services.  100% of your
membership fees and contributions fund the missions and projects identified to the Board of Directors who serve you.
Your membership fees and dues provide support for activities, sponsored events, reunions, rodeos and administrative costs incurred by the association

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The PJ Association greatly appreciates your commitment to the members and mission of the Association.  

With your contribution, we can fulfill the objectives to our members, to the Pararescue Career, to Pararescuemen and to the families that support these warriors at the tip of the spear around the globe.

The Value of
Your Contributions

By being a member & supporter of the PJ Association, you are contributing to the PJ brotherhood who served, and who is serving our great nation in austere and hostile environments across the globe.

Your membership fees, annual dues and active participation in sponsored events seals the bonds created through membership, teamwork, and forged in unity for the association.

Your voice and participation guides and directs the PJ Association Officers and Board of Directors to implement projects you want to see supported now, and in the future.