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PJA Members

New PJA Member or PJA Associate memberships, are encouraged to join as a Life Member or Life Associate. 

Associate Memberships are sponsored by a Life Member or PJA Member in good standing.

Renewing members in good standing are encouraged to upgrade to a Life Membership.

Annual Fees

$20.00 to join; renewing at $20/year on anniversary dates.


PJA Associates

PJA Associate candidates are sponsored by a PJA Member or a Life Member in good standing, and must not otherwise meet the PJA Member, or Legacy membership classifications (Legacy, Honorary or Gold Star).   PJA Associate Members have no voting privileges. 

Any individual who is an immediate family member of a past or present Pararescuemen, CRO, or an individual who supports or has supported a Pararescue Unit (Unit with PJ’s or CRO’s assigned).

Applicants who support or have supported the Pararescue Association, the Pararescue career field, friends of Pararescue, or the goals or mission of Pararescue are also eligible to join as PJA Associate member.  

Widows of a Pararescueman are eligible to apply for a PJA Associate membership, if they do not otherwise qualify for a Legacy Associate membership.