Bill Watson, President
Pararescue Association

As an active member of the PJA for more 35 years, and having served as an Officer on the Board of Directors for 7 + years, Bill accepted the nomination for President of the Association in 2016.

After leaving a career in Pararescue in 1990, and with another career in the Department of Energy followed by a successful career in Banking as a Vice President with CITI Group, and 7 years on the Board of Directors for the Association, Bill accepted the nomination as President of the Association.  Bill made a full commitment of his time, resources and services to further the successful development and advancement of the PJ Association, its mission, goals and objectives, and to meet the needs of members, the Brotherhood and their families.

While the Association takes the majority of Bill’s business day, he is an avid Fly fisherman.  Bill loves spending time with his dog, who is truly a joy in his home.  He enjoys floating, and walking streams and rivers where he can be away from the din of the business day.  Bill says, “getting up early, getting outside, even if it is freezing cold and snowing; even staying out all day long to catch a fish on a line barely strong enough to hold a claim on a fish, it’s all for the love of the game”.

He enjoys any opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family, play a round of golf, or  just spend an hour with friends sharing stories over a beer.  “It seems like another PJA Reunion!”

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