Steve West, Vice President

PJ Association

Steve West, is currently serving the PJ Association as a Vice President.

Steve began his Pararescue career in 1985 and served nine years in rescue, special tactics, and instructor assignments.

Steve’s final assignment was with the Pararescue weapons and tactics school where he attended many of the country’s top shooting and communications schools. This knowledge was instrumental in re-vitalizing the weapons course by building a state of the art shooting complex and updating the curriculum to include the latest techniques and tactics. Early in his career he assisted in the testing of systems that ultimately became the Rigging Alternate Method Zodiac (RAMZ) system and as a RAMZ team leader supported NASA on many overseas missions. He is a combat veteran of Desert Storm.

Upon leaving the Pararescue Steve attended college and started several small businesses before relocating to the Midwest. He currently lives in Columbus, Ohio where he owns several businesses that have operations the eastern half of the state and into Pennsylvania. He enjoys most outdoor activities especially snowboarding, shooting, and anything in or around water.

Steve attended his first Pararescue Reunion in 1986 and has only missed when the mission didn’t allow him to be there. As a member of the BOD he hopes to further the mission of the PJA and support the brotherhood any way possible.

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